DU and DU-F Style Dual Element Contact Transducers

DU Style Dual Element Transducers with replaceable delays are excellent general-purpose probes for applications with flat or curved surfaces. High temperature delays are also available for inspections at temperatures up to 400°F. All DU transducers have standard Microdot connectors for easy replacement.

Benchmark series DU-F Style Dual Element Transducers feature proprietary BENCHMARK COMPOSITE® active elements. Benchmark series offer a superior combination of sensitivity, resolution, and penetration for punching through highly attenuative materials. They are especially beneficial when signal to noise ratio is a problem, for example coarse grain materials and fiber reinforced composites. Close tolerance, integral delays assure consistent performance.


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Product Information

Dual Element Contact Transducers are longitudinal wave transducers with a split element; one half functions as a transmitter while the other functions as a receiver. Each half-element is angled slightly toward the other forming the “roof” angle. This “roof” angle effectively focuses the sound beam. These transducers are excellent for thin range flaw detection and thickness gauging. Because they have a discrete transmitter and receiver, better signal to noise ratios are achieved compared to single element transducers.


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