phoenix v|tome|x m

The phoenix v|tome|x m is a versatile X-ray microfocus CT system for 3D metrology and analysis with up to 300 kV / 500 W. For the first time, GE’s unique X-ray tube is available in a compact CT system for industrial process control as well as for scientific research applications. Beyond down to < 1 µm detail detectability, the system offers industry leading magnification and power at 300 kV. GE’s high dynamic DXR digital detector array and the click & measure|CT automatization functionality make it an efficient 3D tool. The v|tome|x m is the first industrial mircoCT scanner with GE’s breakthrough scatter|correct technology. This technological advancement automatically removes scatter artifacts from CT volume, allowing users to gain significant improved CT results compared to conventional cone beam microCT.

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Product Information


  • First industrial microCT system with advanced scatter|correct technology for highly improved CT quality level compared to conventional microfocus cone beam CT
  • High precision 3D metrology and non-destructive testing tasks performed with minimal operator training
  • Increased throughput due to high power X-ray tube, efficient, fast detector technology and a high grade of automation
  • Very high image quality due to unique GE DXR detector array (up to 30 fps) for extremely fast CT data acquisition
  • All major hardware and CT software components of the system are proprietary GE technology optimally compatible with one another
  • NEW: The phoenix v|tome|x m is now also available in specific countries as special metrology edition with a measurement accuracy of 4+L/100 µm referring to VDI 2630 guideline (measured as deviation of sphere distance in tomographic static mode SD (TS), method details referring to VDI 2630-1.3 guideline on request, valid only for phoenix v|tome|x m metrology edition).


  • First compact 300 kV microfocus CT system with < 1 µm detail detectability
  • Industry-leading magnification and power at 300 kV for high absorbing samples
  • Unique dual|tube configuration for high power µCT as well as high resolution nanoCT®
  • Optimized ease of use due to advanced phoenix datos|x CT software with automated click & measure|CT option
  • Optimized CT acquisition conditions and 3D metrology package with temperature stabilized X-ray tube, digital detector array and cabinet as well as high accuracy direct measuring system