phoenix v|tome|x L 450

The phoenix v|tome|x L 450 is a versatile high-resolution microfocus system for 2D and 3D computed tomography (micro ct) and 2D non-destructive X-ray inspection. With its granite-based manipulation it is handling even large samples with highest precision. The system is an optimal solution for void and flaw detection and 3D metrology (e.g. first article inspection) of castings. An optionally second X-ray tube allows to adapt the phoenix v|tome|x L 450 to any kind of industrial and scientific CT application.

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Product Information

Key Features:

  • 450 kV / 1500 W bipolar minifocus X-ray tube – specially optimized for CT applications – in metal / ceramic design for sharp CT scans of large and high absorbing samples
  • Up to 10 times increased filament lifetime, ensuring long-term stability and optimizing system efficiency by long-life|filament (optionally)
  • Fast CT acquisition and brilliant live images by high dynamic temperature-stabilized GE DXR digital detector with 30 fps (frames per second) (optionally)

Customer Benefits:

  • Metrology package for dimensional measuring with extremely high precision, reproducibility and user-friendliness
  • Excellent software modules for highest CT quality and ease of use, e.g.
    • High reproducible 3D metrology by click & measure|CT with datos|x: fully automated execution of CT scan, reconstruction and analysis process
    • Accelerated 3D CT reconstruction results within a few seconds or minutes (depending of the volume size) by velo|CT