Phased Array Corrosion Probes

The unique phased array probes developed for corrosion monitoring are multi-element arrays which provide comprehensive linear coverage AND excellent near surface resolution. This revolutionary combination is ideal for quickly detecting and measuring corrosion.

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Product Information

These probes can be delivered with three connector options:

PhasorDechairsOmniscan™ *Blackpool sunsetHypertronics™ **Blackpool pier

Features :

  • Remaining wall thickness, corrosion, erosion
  • Near surface flaw detection
  • Bond testing


  • Amazing near surface resolution; 1.9 mm (0.075″) on a #4 flat bottomed hole (1.5 mm / 0.062″ diameter)
  • Optimum test range 1.9 mm (0.075″) to 25.4 mm (1″) in steel
  • Adjustable wear bars
  • Available with 3 different connectors

*  Omniscan™ is a trademark of the Olympus Corporation which has no affiliation with the GE products.
** Hypertronics™ is a trademark of the Hypertronics Corporation which has no affiliation with GE products.