Wear Resistant Direct Contact Phased Array Probes

GE’s wear resistant direct contact phased array probes will provide faster, more accurate and more comprehensive inspection in applications where conventional straight beam probes have historically been used in conjunction with wedges. Typically, these include the inspection of billets, welds and forgings. In addition the probe replaces standard phased array applications in which delay lines are used. The low profile housing allows the probe to be used in applications with limited access space.

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Product Information

These probes can be delivered with three connector options:

PhasorDechairsOmniscan™ *Blackpool sunsetHypertronics™ **Blackpool pier

Features :

  • Straight beam array contact probe of the B F and MB F probes
  • No wedges or delay lines needed
  • Permanent, abrasion–resistant wear plate
  • Best match to metals
  • Higher gain reserve than protective face models
  • Ergonomic low profile B F/MB F housing as known from conventional probes for access to tight spaces
  • Sector-scan of ± 35° for 2 MHz and ± 25° for 4 MHz version (B F) / ± 45° for 2 MHz for 4 MHz (MB F)
  • Near surface flaw detection
  • Usable as standard phased array straight beam probe


  • Multiangle inspection of thick/medium parts
  • Plate
  • Forgings
  • Billets
  • Lamination, delamination
  • Bond testing
  • MB F also usable for pipes , tube, tanks on curved surfaces

*  Omniscan™ is a trademark of the Olympus Corporation which has no affiliation with the GE products.
** Hypertronics™ is a trademark of the Hypertronics Corporation which has no affiliation with GE products.