DMS 2 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with A-Scan and B-Scan – Discontinued

This product has been discontinued. Please see the DMS Go+ Thickness Gauge for a suitable replacement option.

The DMS 2 is the solution to your test problems dealing with corrosion inspections – even, and especially, when it comes to handling demanding and critical test tasks – for example on coated components or at high temperatures.

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Product Information

Advanced Thickness Measurement

  • No need to remove coatings (paint) – measure through coatings without including the coating layer in the digital thickness reading
  • Stable high-temperature measurement up to 1000ºF with HT400A probe and armor jacketed cable
  • MIN CAP captures the minimum thickness for a series of measurements and displays the associated A-Scan (32 Hz acquisition rate)
  • DIALOG Intelligent Probes are automatically recognized for optimum instrument setup, performance, and documentation
  • Automatic probe zero corrects for delay line dimensional changes (wear & growth)
  • 8 Hz selection updates the display twice as fast as normal for immediate response and enhances test results when movement of the probe is necessary vs. spot testing
  • SIP mode utilizes single-element probes for attenuative or thick materials
  • Gain is readily adjustable in 1 dB steps via a direct access key
  • Freeze locks the A-Scan display for evaluation and verification of the echoes; makes time base parameter adjustments easy
  • 4 band passes automatically optimize the receiver bandwidth to match the frequency of the probe for best results
  • RF display provides additional waveform information to assist with difficult measurement applications (DMS 2 only)

Easy to Use

  • Direct access keys are at your fingertips for immediate adjustment of operating parameters
  • Convenient color coded keypad layout
  • Frequent text messages guide operation
  • Compact, comfortable, one-hand control (left or right hand)
  • TEST key simulates a home key to jump to test/measurement menu
  • Dual/Dual-Multi hot key allows for fast toggle between Dual and Dual-Multi (thru-coat) modes
  • Store/recall 20 parameter sets for fast instrument setup and repeatable test results
  • Lockable keypad prevents accidental changes to operating parameters

Rugged, practical packaging…

  • Custom molded, gasket-sealed, high-impact resistant plastic housing for dependable trouble free use
  • Robust, rubber case for added protection in tough field environments
  • Padded hand strap, neck strap, waist belt, & prop-up stand are convenient features of the rubber case • Full week’s work (40 hours) of use on 4 standard AA alkaline batteries – no special battery packs or battery chargers needed
  • I/O & AC power connectors plugged by the rubber case to prevent connector contamination

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