XLED PRO Videoscope

The XLed Plus video borescope offers probes from 2.4mm diameter and lengths up to 7.5m. An HD camera provides brilliant resolution. Your inspection is made simply with the easy to view 7″ widescreen LCD with a touch screen user interface.


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Product Information



7.0” Touchscreen Display: The large high-resolution LCD display allows you to see crisp and clear high definition images. Other systems rely on smaller LCD’s that are not suitable for todays high resolution cameras.

The convenience of a touchscreen allows for fast menu navigation, image recording and ease of use. No more hunt and peck, do what we all expect from modern technology…touch it!


The X-LED videoscope is available with interchangeable probes: 2.4mm, 4.0mm 6.0mm and 8.0mm probe diameter are available as well as lengths from 1.0m to 7.5m

Interchangeable probes allow you to have one system for multiple applications. Other video borescopes do no offer probe interchangeability and restrict your use or force you to purchase multiple systems.


2 or 4-Way Articulation: The X-LED videoscope can be steered where you need it with ergonomic and easy to control articulation.

Depending on the probe diameter you can choose from 2 or 4-way articulation. The X-LED videoscopes easy to use articuation controls allow you to borescope the smallest space and get around tight bends and corners where others cannot.


Multilayered Tungsten Braid: The X-LED PRO Videoscope has a flexible working length that is constructed from high strength tungsten. Comparable video borescopes offer stainless steel or PVC.

Super durable tungsten resists 5 times the abrasion stainless steel does and makes a tougher, longer lasting video borescopes.

The X-LED PRO also offers powerful LED illumination to inspect the darkest spaces.


  • Display size: 7.0“ Wide Touchscreen Display
  • Display resolution: 800 x 480 Pixel
  • Operating system: Live mode with intuitive multilingual menu
  • Video format: MPEG4 (.avi)
  • Image format: JPEG (.jpg), BMP (.bmp)
  • Storage: Internal memory and USB mass storage
  • Image analysis: Grid, circle, line, marker
  • Camera Functions: White balance, AGC level, shutter, gain control
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Dimensions: 200 mm x 133mm x 74mm
  • Housing: Robust PU, with rubber frame
  • System operating temperature: -13°F to 115°F
  • Storage temperature: -13°F to 140°F
  • Relative humidity: 95% less than – non-condensing
  • Interfaces: 8 PIN ITC-Multi-connection, 2 x USB 2.0, 12V DC
  • Power: Lithium-Polymer Battery (internal), 12V DC


  • Image sensor: High Resolution CMOS image sensor
  • Braid: Multi-layer tungsten braid on PU jacket
  • Diameter: 2.4mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm and 6.0mm
  • Working length: 1.0m – 7.5m
  • Articulation: 2-Way or 4-Way / 360°
  • Direction of view (DOV): 0°/90° interchangeable side view tip adapter
  • Illumination: FOLED Hybrid Illumination
  • Illumination control: 3 steps
  • Color temperature: approx. 6500 k
  • Average life: approx. 5000 h
  • Housing: Aluminum / PU
  • Probe operating temperature: -13°F to +176°F
  • System operating temperature: -13°F to +114°F
  • Storage operating temperature: -13°F to +55°F
  • Relative humidity: 95% less than – non-condensing
  • Waterproof: Probe and distal end up to 1 bar – 10.2m H2O
  • Resistance: Probe and distal end to oils and saline (5%)