Angle Beam Transducers, Dual Element (TR) (European Standards) VS, VRY and VSY Styles

VS Series – Testing of small to middle sized objects with smooth or slightly rough surfaces, whose material does not greatly have sound attenuative effect on shear waves. For example. They are used on small mountings for the detection of radial cracks, corrosion cracks on the inside of thin walled containers, as well as transverse cracks on heat exchanger tubes in the direct scanning mode.

VRY Series – Used for testing middle sized to large thick-walled objects which cannot be tested with transverse waves due to the high sound scattering (e.g. austenitic welds on chemical and power plants)

VSY Series – For testing small to middle sized objects which cannot be tested with transverse waves and whose shape requires the application of small probes. For example, they are well proven in the detection of bonding flaws in all types of welds and soldered joints on parts with complicated shapes.

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Product Information


  • VS shear wave type
    – Detection of small, near surface flaws
    – Thin-walled tubes and containers
    – Rings
  • VRY and VSY longitudinal wave types
    – Coarse grain weld inspection
    – Attenuative materials
    – Austenitic welds
    – “Creeping wave” applications with 70° models

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent near surface resolution
  • Reduce noise caused by scattering
  • Durable, ergonomically-designed die cast housing
  • Types VS and VSY have side mounted Microdot connectors
  • Type VRY has Lemo 00 connectors