Velocity PC Software

Zetec’s new Velocity PC Software is the most efficient tool you can use for data acquisition, analysis and management. It has been customized for the balance-of-plant (BOP) and heat exchanger (HX) markets. It’s easy to use, offering you improved analysis data filtering capabilities.

Velocity operates via three modules for each activity – Velocity/AQ for data acquisition, Velocity/AN for data analysis, and Velocity/DM for data management. Each module has been perfected with the support of decades of experience in the BOP and steam generator eddy current inspections.


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Product Information


Broad Compatibility

Velocity Software is compatible with a wide range of instruments, probes and pushers, including:
• MIZ-200
• MIZ-85
• Bobbin probes
• 3D & 10D pushers

Useful Acquisition

Get more efficient data acquisition through your inspections with Velocity’s Auto Acquire.

Expert Analysis

Gain better understanding of your data through an improved locating feature, report editor enhancements, and comparisons to competitor data.

Data Control

Manage your data via advanced reporting tools, live interaction and updating, and user-defining of watermark use.

Key Features

Velocity AQ for Data Acquisition

  • Auto Acquire (AAS & Scripted AAS)
  • Network Hardware Identification Utility
  • Integrated Test Management

Velocity AN for Analysis

  • Bobbin, MRPC and Array Analysis
  • Enhanced C-Scan
  • E-Resolution
  • Multi-datafile Comparison
  • One all-inclusive DB per component

Velocity DM for Data Management

  • Inspection Planning and Management
  • Historical Data Management
  • Test Plans
  • PID Test
  • Extent reporting tool
  • Auto Closeout Reporting


Velocity Software is compatible with a wide range of instruments, probes and pushers, including:

  • Tube Array Probes
  • French Probes
  • Rotating Probes
  • AC3 Probes
  • NFT
  • HS 3D & 10D Pusher
  • RFT Low Voltage
  • RFT High Voltage
  • MFL
  • ECA Surface 64
  • ECA Surface 128

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