USIP 40 Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The USIP 40 is a precision, multi-channel ultrasonic testing instrument designed to deliver the utmost in inspection confidence. A variety of packaging options allow the USIP 40 to be configured as an ultrasonic box driven by a remote PC, an integrated rack mount instrument, or as a battery powered portable instrument. Combined with optional application-specific imaging and analysis tools, the USIP 40 offers the ultimate solution for all of your inspection needs.


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Product Information
Features and Benefits
  • Available up to ultrasonic 10 channels
  • Up to 20kHz PRF
  • EchoMAX-never miss a shot
  • Backwall echo attenuator
  • Direct 3 axis encoder input
  • Interface gate synchronizing for surface following
  • Multi-language enabled
  • Aerospace controlled configuration to GE P3TF22, P3TF35 and Rolls Royce RPS 705
  • Automatic gain control
  • Applications:
    • Forging inspection
    • Billet inspection
    • Composite inspection
    • Piston testing
    • Bar and tube testing
    • Rail and wheel inspection
    • ERW/Saw weld inspection
    • Gas Cylinder inspection
    • Casting flaw inspection