UltraMATE Thickness Testing Software

UltraMATE is an intuitive Windows™ thickness data control program that simplifies the transfer, storage, analysis and documentation of thickness data. UltraMATE is designed to maximize the power of the DMS Go series/DMS 2/DMS, CL-400 and CL5 Digital Thickness Gauge Data Recorder and interface to all other GE DL instruments.

UltraMATE lite is the simplified program version enabling to transfer data from the gauge to the PC, store them there, and to print them out in different fixed format reports.

*Available as a single CPU license or Site license. Contact JWJ for Site license information.


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Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • Automated Install Program (Lite and Full Version)
  • Extensive On-Line HELP (Lite and Full Version)
  • Instrument “Auto-Connect” (Lite and Full Version)
  • Bi-directional Direct DMS Family, CL5 and CL-400 Communication (Lite and Full Version)
  • Bi-directional Direct USN58 & USN60 Communication (Lite and Full Version)
  • Download from CL5, DMS 2, CL-400, DMS, DM4 DL, DME DL, CL3 DL and most USN series instruments (Lite and Full Version)
  • Windows™ Printer Support (Lite and Full Version)
  • Windows™ Copy & Paste Functions (Lite-Copy Only, and Full Version)
  • Colorized Thickness Data Display (Full Version)
  • B-Scan viewing and printing (DMS 2/ DMS Go Series Only) (Full Version)
  • MicroGRID viewing and printing (DMS 2/ DMS Go Series Only) (Full Version)
  • Pick and Choose Report Format Generator (Full Version)
  • Merge and Compare File Functions (Full Version)

CPU License authorizes program installation and usage by Licensee and Licensee employees on only one (1) central processing unit being accessed by only one (1) designated input/output station at a time

Site License authorizes installation and unrestricted use by Licensee and Licensee employees on an unlimited number of CPU’s and input/output stations at a designated facility (site).

An Operation Manual is not shipped with the UltraMATE program. All instructions for usage and operation are included within the on-line help, available within the UltraMATE program.