UCI Hardness Probes – Discontinued

Hardness testing according to the UCI method enables quick and easy evaluation of on-site hardness indents without having to use a microscope for indentation evaluation: the probe is simply positioned and the reading is digitally displayed.

The UCI probes are suitable for operation with all UCI instruments: MIC 10, MIC 10DL, and MIC 20.

*UCI Probes include Handheld probe and cable.


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Product Information
UCI Probe Models

Using these small and handy probes you can carry out your measurements anywhere and in any direction: whether it be vertical or overhead there are no limitations.

Your application determines the type of probe to be used. GEIT has developed a whole range of probes with different test loads covering an extensive application area: standard probes, motor probes and probes equipped with a long oscillation rod. We can offer you the most suitable probe for various test object surfaces and geometries.

Key Features

  • quick and easy hardness testing
  • standardized according to ASTM A 1038
  • on-site and in any direction
  • versatile probes for extensive application area

Typical Applications

  • heat-treated parts and surfaces, especially at diffi cult to access positions
  • ready-assembled machines
  • heat-affected zone of a weld
  • thin coatings or layers