TOPAZ32 Portable 32 Channel Phased Array UT Instrument

TOPAZ32 is a fully integrated, high-performance phased array UT device — a complete solution for your inspections. TOPAZ32 boosts productivity, reduces job time duration and can lower total cost of ownership, making it a smart investment. TOPAZ32 is used with UltraVision Touch™, a multi-touch screen providing an efficient interface with setup and analysis software.

A key advantage of the new TOPAZ32 is that 2D matrix array probe support is now included without the need of any external software. This fully-integrated and simplified approach can reduce the amount of equipment needed to perform an inspection.

With UltraVision touch software embedded in TOPAZ32, everything you need for advanced setups and analysis is in one instrument. Visit the UltraVision Touch page to learn more about the software features.


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Product Information
With its rugged construction and airtight magnesium and rubber housing, TOPAZ32 is durable enough to handle inspections in even the harshest conditions. And it’s lightweight, making it portable enough to go wherever you need to carry it. With its ability for high-performance data acquisitions and high speed processing, TOPAZ32 is one of the most efficient and versatile NDT instruments on the market.


Dimensions (H x W x D) 5.2 × 10.3 × 12.8 in (13.2 x 26 x 32.6 cm)
Weight 13.9 lb. (6.3kg)
Multi-touch Display 10.4 in. (1024 x 728 pixels)
Air Intake No
Battery Operation Yes (Hot Swap)
Phased Array Connector ZPAC Connector (custom ZIF with latch)
Phased Array Channels 32/128 P or 32/128 PR
UT Channels 2 P/E or 2 P&C
Digitizing Frequency Up to 100 MHz
Amplitude Resolution 16 bits
Measurement Gates 4 gates + 1 synchronization gate
Data Interfaces Ethernet 1000 Base-T; 1 x USB 3.0; 2 x USB 2.0
Maximum PRF 12 kHz
Maximum Pulser Voltage (Open Circuit) 105V PA UT / 215V UT
Maximum Applied Voltage (50 ohms) 75V PA UT / 200V UT
Bandwidth (-3 dB) From 0.5 to 18 MH z
Real-time Data Compression Yes
Rectification Digital
Filtering Analog/digital (FIR)
Smoothing (Video Filter) Digital
Self-Check Yes
Automated Probe Detection Yes
Dynamic Depth Focusing (DDF) Yes
# Focal Laws (DDF) 1024
Maximum Number of Samples 8,192 – 16,384 (remote – UltraVision® 3)
Maximum Data File Size 2 GB onboard – 20 GB (remote using UltraVision® 3)
Encoder Interfaces 2 Quadrature-type
PC Software Control UltraVision Touch embedded
Serves as Protection Key License for UltraVision Touch
Data Acquisition & Analysis UltraVision Touch; UltraVision 3
Embedded Hard Drive 120 GB SSD
Video Output DVI (Digital and Analog)
Instrument Calibration Compliant with ISO 18563-1

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