TIV (Through Indenter Viewing) Hardness Tester – Discontinued

This product has been discontinued.

The TIV (Through Indenter Viewing) method is based on hardness testing according to Vickers; makes it possible to “see through” the Vickers diamond by means of special optics. The hardness is measured under load; as soon as the test load is reached, the image of the indentation is transferred and evaluated directly, automatically, and quickly.

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Product Information
Features and Benefits


  • Indenter Viewing (TIV) method – can be used irrespective of the material without additional calibration
  • Direct, automatic and fast measurement and evaluation
  • Touch screen and LCD technology
  • Easy operation – three screens for information in just a few screen clicks
  • Mobility – rechargeable battery and auto shut off


  • Hardness Testing according to Vickers under test load
  • Through Indenter Viewing by means of special optics and a CCD camera
  • Direct checking and assessment of the quality of measurement by observing the growing indentation on the color display
  • Fully automatic evaluation of the Vickers indentation and determination of the diagonals without detour (via microscope)
  • Independent of test direction and test object’s material
  • Measurement range from approximately 30HV to more than 1000HV (depending on probe)
  • Clearly arranged data memory for convenient and structured saving of the test results
  • Test series can be recalled and edited