SpotChecker Ultrasonic Spot Weld Tester – DISCONTINUED

This product has been discontinued. Please see the SpotVision or USLT USB for a suitable replacement option.

SpotChecker is a hand-held flaw detector for testing spotwelds in situ on the production line. It weighs just 3.2 kg, is battery operated and is sealed to IP65. It features hot swap battery exchange to ensure continuous operation. SpotChecker does not require intensive training but offers the advantage of an “expert” system for people less qualified in weld inspection.

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Product Information
Features and Benefits
  • “Completes” GE’s existing USLT product line for spot weld testing
  • Offers true portability with a rugged, environmentally protective housing
  • The key difference between this product and existing spot weld testing solutions is its size/weight, environmental protection and user friendly operating
  • Unique user interface to operate a pointing device by two trackballs
  • Touchscreen operation for direct access of different functions and settings on a big 8.4 inch LCD
  • Modern PC interfaces, including USB and wireless connection (WLAN, BlueTooth Remote control like USLT 2000)
  • Ease of use for untrained inspectors (Application Specific Software UltraLOG)
  • Compatible with other USLT 2000 solutions
  • Hot swap battery exchange for continuous operation
  • Environmentally protected according IP65
  • Weight approx. 3.2 kg including batteries

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