Prod Sets

These handheld electrode sets are convenient for conducting sectional inspections of welds, castings, forgings and large fabrications. Comfortable, pistol style grips and out-of-the-way cable hookups make it easy to test large and oddly shaped parts that are not wet bench friendly.


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Product Information

Magnaflux prod sets provide the flexibility to inspect large and complex shaped parts.

Standard Prod Sets

Part Numbers:

  • 622088: For use with M-Units
  • 157662: For use with P-Units
  • Specifications Compliance: ASTM E709-08, ASTM E1444, BPVC

Dual Prod Assemblies

Part Numbers:

  • 622499: Dual Horizontal Prod Assembly for use with M-Series
  • 157781: Dual Horizontal Prod Set Assembly for use with P-Series
  • 622085: Dual Vertical Prod Set for use with M-Series
  • 622334: Solid Copper Replacement Tips
  • Specifications Compliance: ASTM E709-08, ASTM E1444, BPVC