Phoenix R-Evolution Ultrasonic Array Roller Probe

The Phoenix R-Evolution is an ultrasonic array probe housed in a lightweight water-filled roller, delivering fast immersion quality C-scan inspections in the palm of your hand.
Designed to minimize operator fatigue, it is small and light making it ideal for use on large areas and particularly overhead inspections.


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Product Information


Typical applications for R-Evolution include

  • Aerospace – In-service c-scans, Bond Inspection, Delamination or defect detection in composites
  • Wind Energy – Blade spar, leading and trailing edge bond inspection
  • Pipelines and Vessels – Corrosion mapping, Bond testing on overlapping joints

Ergonomic in design, R-Evolution contains an ultrasonic array probe, mounted in a small diameter, water-filled roller. With its durable thin tyre, high frequency probes can be used to give excellent near surface resolution enabling the inspection of thin components.

R-Evolution’s buggy self-normalises on curved surfaces ensuring the array is perpendicular without adjustment. The array angle can additionally be easily fine-tuned externally.

The buggy handle features two line lasers for guidance and buttons that can be configured with appropriate instruments to start, stop or increment scans.

R-Evolution has a single axis encoder for inspecting c-scan strips or can be attached to the Phoenix Tracer for a versatile and portable large area c-scan inspection system.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic – < 1kg
  • High resolution with high frequencies – up to 10MHz
  • Self-normalises on curved components
  • Two guidance lasers mark the outer extents of the array
  • Compatible with Tracer for dual-axis, large area inspections
  • Indexing and start/pause buttons to interface with compatible instruments


  • Array roller probe (specify frequency and instrument when ordering)
  • Self-normalising buggy with laser guidance or blank handle
  • Integrated encoder (specify instrument when ordering)
  • Tyre filling accessories
  • Water spray bottle
  • Protective carry case

Standard Kit:

  • Flexible array transducer
  • Rubber housing set to a nominal geometry
  • Encoder with 5m cable
  • Protective carry case

Options & Accessories:

  • Available with handle featuring laser guidance and start/increment buttons or blank handle
  • Spare replacement tyres
  • Encoder splitter cable to enable lasers to operate whilst connected to Tracer