Phoenix C-Clamp Encoder Versatile Waterproof Wheel Encoder

The Phoenix C-Clamp encoder is an economical universal accessory for single axis inspections requiring no tools for setup and operation. Ideally suited to linear manual phased array inspections it can also fit a broad range of ultrasonic transducers and wedges. The compact design allows use in areas with limited access.

The C-Clamp Encoder arms can be quickly adjusted to the transducer or wedge width and then locked and clamped with thumbscrews. The waterproof wheel encoder is then fitted either behind or alongside the clamp dependent upon the inspection needs. The encoder is spring loaded onto the surface with the spring tension adjustable via the attachment thumb screw.


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Product Information
  • Simple: Economical solution that requires no tools to set up
  • Precise: High resolution encoded scans for single axis applications
  • Versatile: Fully adjustable for any transducer or wedge up to 55mm wide
  • Strong clamp mechanism ensures no lateral movement of encoder when scanning
  • Encoder is offset from the inspection area to reduce the risk of the wheel skidding on couplant
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable spring loading guarantees encoder always stays in contact with inspection surface
  • Compact design allows use in areas with limited access
  • Can be used with any instrumentation


  • Clamp width: Max opening 55mm
  • Encoder wheel diameter: 39mm
  • Encoder Resolution: 33 steps/mm
  • Waterproof: IP68 rated (immersion up to 1m)
  • Adjustable encoder spring-loading
  • Can be positioned at 0° & 90° (for B & D scans)
  • Termination options available for any manufacturers instrumentation

Standard Kit:

  • Encoder with 2.5m cable
  • Universal clamp system
  • Protective Case


  • Phased array probes and wedges
  • Phased array calibration block