PAUT IIW Block, ISO 19675

The long-awaited “PAUT IIW Block” from ISO 19675 is now official. Get yours today!

The PAUT IIW Block, made in accordance with ISO 19675 was designed by an international committee of NDT experts with the express purpose of creating a globally accepted, standardized block for Phased Array Ultrasonic calibrations. Before the development of this spec, there were no international standards describing a specific block for calibrating PAUT systems.


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Product Information
  • Dimensions:  25mm wide x 100mm tall x 300mm long, with 100mm and 50mm radii
  • Material:  1018 Steel, Nickel-plated

Possible system functions that can be cheked by the PAUT IIW Block include:

Probe index, Beam angle, Beam squint angle, Linearity of time base, Calibration of time base, Linearity of attenuator, Linearity of screen height, Pulse duration, Measurement of dominant frequency, Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR,) Wedge delay, Assess for grating lobes, Active element assessment, Sensitivity equalization for E-scans, Sensitivity equalization for S-Scans, Plotting check, Element assignment, Anisotropy assessment

The process starts with high-quality, fine-grained steel, produced in a special size by our preferred mill. Material selection is followed by heat treatment, flaw detection, material attenuation check, material velocity checks (longitudinal and transverse wave,) machining and surface finish preparation, block identification, in-house nickel-plating, and preparation of a comprehensive documentation package.

Each block will ship with a documentation package including:

  • NIST-traceable Certification Report stating conformance to ISO 19675
  • Material Test Report for traceability of the specific heat of raw material used
  • PMI Test Report showing results of chemical analysis via XRF testing
  • Dimensional Report with main physical dimensions of the block and hole diameters as-measured.
  • Material attenuation results in accordance with para. 5.2.3 of the spec
  • Velocity measurements in accordance with Annex A of the spec

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