PATH Scanner

The PATH scanner is an encoded manual scanner with magnetic wheels to enable corrosion surveys with the GE Phasor DM and dual element corrosion arrays. It will contact down to a 2-inch nominal pipe for circumferential OD scanning, or down to a 14-inch nominal pipe for circumferential ID scanning. The PATH scanner is also useful in areas of tight access such as the perimeter of storage tank floors.


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Product Information


• Ergonomic design to reduce fatigue during scanning

• Eliminates sensitivity to movement versus hand manipulation of probe

• Spring loaded probe holder ensures consistent contact pressure

• Optimized integrated couplant flow

• Easily configurable: probe may be front or center mounted

• Scans 2-inch wide area

• Sealed encoder with signal integrity safeguards

• Bulkhead cable termination

• Maintains normal incidence on circumferential scans of piping

• Double ball-bearing axles

• High quality environmental connectors

• Optional magnetic wheels