Off-Line Non-Destructive Quality Test Station – NDT-TS

The Modal Shop’s NDT-Test Station, Model NDT-TS Resonant Inspection System, allows a range of parts to enjoy the benefits of Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM). The innovative Test Station provides a means of repeatable manual inspections by allowing precise control of part positioning with an adjustable table ranging up to 6.5 inches (165 mm) in height variation and photo eye sensors that trigger the integrated industrial impactor when a part is in position.


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Product Information

Once impacted, the part inspection requires no human interpretation. The system includes a laptop PC, running the NDT-RAM software which acquires data for analysis, and a light tower, that provides a clear, visual indication of a part’s test status (PASS or FAIL) after impact, for the quality inspector to sort accordingly. Resonant Inspection uses sound to detect part defects or flaws. The industrial impactor hits the part which “rings” and a microphone picks up the sound and feeds it through the NDT-RAM software, which is customized by individual customer and part to determine what is a good part and what parts contain defects. Designed to test small and large parts, the NDT-Test Station includes the following items pre-assembled and wired:

  • LanSharc™ Smart Digital Controller
  • Acoustic Microphone
  • NDT-RAM Software
  • Light tower
  • PLC control and power supplies inside electrical box
  • Photo eye sensors
  • Aluminum frame with adjustable platform
  • PLC software