NextSpot 300 Phased Array Ultrasonic Spot Weld Tester

The NextSpot 300 phased array ultrasonic spot weld tester will handle all your spot weld NDT needs, whether it is in production lines or in field environments. With all the same benefits, features, and functions as the 600, minus the monitor, the NextSpot 300 gives you great flexibility and portability by allowing you to plug into any PC laptop to convert into a fully functional NextSpot 600.

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Product Information

Key Features and Benefits

NextSpot 300 is a powerful ultrasonic spotwelding inspection system that is suitable for the flexible collaboration with varies computing systems.

Tough & Rugged

NextSpot 300 is designed with 360° shielding, it adopts an one-piece aluminum alloy and covered with rubber protections. It is rugged, lightweight, and compact. The total weight of the body is about 2kg.

Compact yet Powerful

NextSpot 300 is compact but it has the same ultrasonic specifications and inspection capabilities as well as that of NextSpot 600.

Flexible for various applications

NextSpot 300 is flexible for varies utility scenes, and it can be embedded and integrated with the unique inspection systems that tailor-made by the end users.

Low Power Consumption

NextSpot 300 is efficient and low power consumption, it only needs to get power from the PC,laptop or a computer workstation via a piece of USB 3.0 cable.

Solution for Big Data Analysis and Smart Spotwelding Inspections

NextSpot 300’s database technologies allow efficient data uploading to NAS servers for big data analysis. The analysis of spotwelding quality inspection data can be linked with the welding process data records of every single welding Spots, therefore the optimizations of the welding process setting will be supported with huge volume of inspection data.

Real-time Imaging and Other Testing Methods

NextSpot 300 can provide A/C – scan and real-time display on spot weld. NextSpot 300 can support single element probe testing, PA imaging testing as well as various non-ultrasonic methods, data capture, chisel inspection, visual inspection, and many more.



Overall Dimensions – 240.6 mm × 158.6 mm × 50 mm

Weight – 2.0 kg (4.4 lb) with Battery

IP – IP 54

Control Device – Remote Control, Mouse, or Touch Screen of PC

Probe – D-sub 68 – Matrix


Operating Temperature – -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)

Storage Temperature – -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F) with Battery; -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F) without Battery

Relative Humidity – Max. 70% RH at 45°C Non-condensing

Ultrasound Specs

Number of Channels/Elements – 64 Channels / 52 Elements

Voltage – 50 V

Pulse Shape – Negative Square Wave

Initial Pulse Rise Time – <2.5 ns

Damping – 50 ohm

Thickness Measuring Range – 0.5-9 mm

Velocity Range – 2000-8000 m/s

Probe Delay – 2-8 us

Frequency (Center Frequency) – 1 Mhz – 25 Mhz (16 MHz)

Gain – 40 dB

Sampling – 12 bit 100 MSPS

Data Views

Display Mode – 52 channels A-Scan, Dynamic C-Scan Image

Welding Nugget – Real-Time Welding Nugget Diameter Measurement

Indentation – Real-Time Inspection (Smart Average)

Data Synchronism – Local drives data converting, USB, NAS

Note: Manufacturer reserves the rights to technical modifications without prior notice.


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