Navships Test Block

Used for distance amplitude correction, sensitivity levels and flaw depth information.

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Product Information

Contains six 3/64″ diameter side-drilled through-holes at distances of .25″ to 2.75″ in .25″ increments. MTDs are engraved near both scan edges on one face. In accordance with MIL-STD-271G Figure 9, and NAVSHIPS Specification 0900-006-3010/Section 6. Also known as a “Mare Island block.” This block is surface ground to a 32 Ra finish on all surfaces, and the steel version is nickel-plated.

  • Dimensions: 12.000″ x 3.000″ x 1.250″
  • Also available: a Navy version (3020 block) with rougher scanning surfaces (125 to 250 Ra max), and an extra hole at .125″ MTD.
  • Optional Hardwood Case available

Metric Versions available.

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