MUCT-1000 Modular Ultrasonic C-scan Immersion Tanks

GE’s MUCT-1000 series is a newly developed automatic ultrasonic C-Scan inspection platform. It utilizes a unique modular design approach to provide different scanning configurations for different types of test pieces. Every optional component is independent in function and integrates seamlessly with the basic framework. This flexible system not only satisfies diverse inspection requirements, but also achieves the perfect balance in terms of functionality, performance and cost.


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Product Information
Features and Benefits
  • Modular design: the basic system consists of a tank, a linear motorized mechanical 3-axes subsystem and a prober holder. Optional components, such as turntable, roller, chuck, motorized manipulator, special evaluation software, can be selected and combined to provide a tailor-made solution
  • High precision scanning mechatronic devices to ensure motion accuracy
  • Optional 6-axes coordinated motion control for automated 3D scanning
  • Outstanding ultrasonic testing performance and electromagnetic compatibility
  • Multi-channel, multi-batch and multi-task functions to improve inspection efficiencies
  • Simple operation with application specific software based on Windows-7 operating system
  • Dual monitors with real-time A/B/C-scan display
  • Specified software tools to enhance flaw interpretation

Typical applications in the iron & steel, non-ferrous metal, aviation and automotive industry such as:

  • Rod: cleanliness test of bearing steels (as per ASTM E588 or SEP1927)
  • Ring: internal defects testing of bearing rings
  • Plate: internal defects and bonding area inspection of sputtering targets