MT Eagle

The Seikowave MT Eagle automates the acquiring and analyzing 3D data over large areas of corrosion or other damage. This data is a critical part of understanding the integrity of pipelines, tanks, pressure vessels, and other assets.

No more placing markers or dots. With the MT Eagle, the alignment of multiple 3D images is automatic. Designed to work in conjunction with Seikowave 3DSL imaging systems, the MT Eagle ensues that all 3DSL 3D images are in a common, world coordinate system. With the MT Eagle, you can acquire data quickly and easily over a large area with confidence knowing that the system will produce a complete 3D model ready for analysis.

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Product Information

How does MT Eagle work?
The MT Eagle tracking module enables automatic alignment of 3D data over large areas. The auto-align & merge is accomplished by using an optical tracking system and a target fastened on top of the 3DSL Rhino camera. The optical tracking system tracks the motion of the the 3DSL Rhino and places all 3D images in a world coordinate system. This results in near perfect alignment of images. Further processing of the images is done using proprietary Seikowave software to create a perfect 3D model. This entire process occurs in a matter of seconds. This enhancement will greatly benefit customers imaging large corrosion areas or large dents.

Product Benefits

  • Makes large surface area assessment faster, easier, and more reliable.
  • Saves time by not having to manually align and merge individual scans.
  • Removes the need to draw or mark the pipe for manual alignment.
  • Improves the ease of use for scanning.
  • Removes concerns of glue residue that could interfere with the coating process.
  • Removes concerns about imaging large areas that are extreme hot or cold or wet.


  • Midstream transmission pipeline damage assessment
    • ASME B31G, modified ASME B31G, RSTRENG
    • ASME B31.8, ASME B31.4
    • Export for finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Chemical and Petro-chemical plant inspection
    • API 579 compliant
  • Aircraft inspection
    • SRM compliant analysis
  • Bridge inspection
    • Metal loss on bolts and gusset plates
    • Strain and deformation of gusset plates
  • Weld inspection
  • Rail Car Inspection

Technical Specifications

Model MT Eagle 01 (Slim 3U)
Resolution .3 MP (640 X 480)
Frame Rate 120 FPS
Horizontal FOV 38°, 46°, 58°
Interface USB 2.0
Latency 8.33 ms
MT Eagle Software MT Eagle 1.0
 Physical Specifications
Dimensions 23”(L) x 2”(W) x 1.875”(H)
Weight 2 lbs.

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