Manual Non-Destructive Quality Test System – NDT-MAN

Resonant Acoustic Method is designed to help deliver fully inspected parts, economically and on time. Every component has a unique resonant signature or pattern that reflects its composition. NDT-RAM™ detects deviations from the expected signature or pattern. The NDT Manual System has all the core components necessary for Resonant Inspection, including the smart digital controller, impact hammer, microphone, software and rugged travel case. The system provides a completely portable solution for quality testing of a wide range of components and is ideal for spot testing, part investigation and troubleshooting.


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Product Information


  • Simple – pass/fail result is returned by the NDT-RAM system
  • Compact – fits easily inside a laptop case
  • Portable – ideal for spot checking in the field
  • Versatile – ideal for new part set-up, investigation, troubleshooting