Magnaflux MD-Series Wet Horizontal Unit

The Magnaflux Multi-Directional unit offers time saving multidirectional magnetization for finding defects in all orientations with one cycle. The two or three outputs are independently adjust to balance the magnet field intensity. Each output offers AC, HWDC or One Phase FWDC output.


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Product Information

The Magnaflux wet bench equipment offers the flexibility, field intensity and part range capabilities to identify surface and sub-service defects across a broad range of parts by providing the specific unit best suited to your needs.



  • Innovative pump system for fluid delivery, agitation with easy maintenance access
  • Push bar design for easy activation
  • Visual/audible current assurance alarms with alarm log
  • Two large, easy to read Digital Ammeter Displays (Three on MD3-2060)
  • Two independent variable current controls with keypad entry (Three on MD3-2060)
  • Independent Contact, Flux Flow Current (and Aux Coil on MD3-2060) Type Selection
  • Daily Reminder Alarms for UV Light, White Light, & Bath Concentration
  • 50 customer programmable recipes
  • Color Touch Screen Interface
  • Automatic piece parts counter
  • (MD3-2060 ONLY) 16 inch (41 cm) diameter auxiliary coil
  • Footswitch-activated pneumatic headstock
  • Adjustable tailstock with crank
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Front and rear maple hardwood grilles


  • PLC control advanced technology; reduce components and increase reliability
  • Modular digital solid state circuitry
  • Quick disconnect wiring
  • Liquid Resistant panels, allow ventilation while inhibiting fluid intrusion