ISS and IS Type Immersion Transducers

ISS and IS Immersion transducers have a UHF connector.

  • Focal length must be specified. For available focal lengths, refer to the table below.
  • Waterproof cables can be found in the link below.
  • Custom configurations are available by special order


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Product Information

ISS and IS Immersion Transducers are for general ultrasonic immersion inspections requiring element diameters between .25″ and 1.0″.

Available in Alpha, Gamma, and BENCHMARK COMPOSITE series,they can be focused for critical applications to improve near surface resolution or sensitivity to small discontinuities.

All ISS and IS Transducers have waterproof UHF connectors. Waterproof BNC connectors may be special ordered.

Gamma Series are recommended for applications where high sensitivity and penetration are required.

Alpha Series (where available) are designed for optimum damping and resolution.

Benchmark Series (where available), with BENCHMARK COMPOSITE elements, offer a superior combination of sensitivity, resolution, and penetration for punching through highly attenuative materials.

Immersion Transducer Focal Length Chart

• Parts with irregular or complex geometry, such as gears and valves
• Automated or mechanized scanning
• Applications requiring very high near surface resolution or detection of very small flaws
• Scanning pipes, tubes and tanks
• Plates, billets and bars
• Disks, axles and shafts

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