ISOVOLT Titan E Series X-ray Generator

GE’s ISOVOLT Titan E stationary 160 or 225 kV X-ray machine is based on the field-proven ISOVOLT Titan series, but offers significant improvements in ease of operation, controlability and on-board logic to allow greater operational productivity and reliability. The machine finds increasing application in meeting the requirements of system integrators for automated X-ray and long-term stable CT solutions, as well as being used as a stand-alone X-ray machine for conventional and digital X-ray radiography.


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Product Information
Features and Benefits


  • Tube protection – Automatic warm-up procedures and extended warm-up modes to safeguard tube performance
  • Smart and intuitive user interaction – Several integration possibilities facilitating higher productivity
  • Excellent dose reproducibility – Extremely stable high voltage section for optimized exposures
  • Convenient integration – Integrates into several external platforms, such as automated testing machines, leveraging different interface features for device control, monitoring and visualization
  • Excellent endurance and performance – For permanent or intermittent operation
  • Reduced total cost of ownership – Less intensive maintenance combined with easier serviceability


  • Single or three phase mains available
  • High stability
  • High accuracy
  • Precise reproducibility
  • Short ramp-up time (< 1.5 sec)
  • Extremely low ripple
  • High dose rate output
  • Intelligent X-ray tube warm-up
  • Large LCD display
  • Clear text messages in up to 16 languages
  • Speed sensitive rotary control (kV, mA)
  • Rugged and reliable design
  • Proven reliability
  • Full on-site maintainability
  • Local and remote diagnostics
  • Systems Integration via standard RS 232C optional: RS 422 or RS 485 / Profibus (EN 50170) / Ethernet
  • Remote operation up to 100 m (300 ft.)
  • Broad range of tubes,accessories and kits available