InSite HT Eddy Current Test Instrument

The InSite HT eddy current material structure tester helps you find improper heat treatment conditions such as shallow case depth, short heat, misplaced case, delayed quench, short quench, air cooled or no heat treatment. The InSite HT can be used to test for proper heat treatment on simple parts such as ball bearings and fasteners as well as on complex components such as gears, wheel bearings and axles. The automated eight-frequency, multi-channel test set-up allows you to simultaneously inspect for multiple anomalies at different locations on a single component.

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Product Information

Features and Benefits

• Reduces scrap and warranty costs by finding issues during production

• Tests for proper heat treatment, case depth and material mix

• Fast sampling capability (milliseconds) allows the InSite to keep up with production speeds

• Tests multiple locations at once on complex geometries

• Simultaneous testing using eight frequencies helps sort parts with multiple rejectable conditions

• Easy to use set-up helps ensure detection of material anomalies

• Operator uses known good parts to create testing tolerance zones

• Industrial I/O simplifies material handling integration

• Data recording capabilities

• Clean non-destructive test method