Hydrastar: Robotic Ultrasonic Solution for Composite Inspection

Hydrastar is GE’s robot based automated ultrasonic platform for the inspection of complex composite aerospace structures. Hydrastar systems are complete turnkey solutions available in single and dual robot configurations with optional linear slides and turntables to inspect a wide variety of component geometries. The Hydrastar design incorporates several GE patented technologies including wide area phased array squirters and reverse phasing surface adaptation. The result is industry leading productivity.


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Product Information
Features and Benefits
  • Industry standard robots with global service and support structure
  • Industry leading application tooling for high throughput pulse echo and through transmission scanning
  • Common ultrasonic instrument and software platform for conventional and phased array ultrasonic testing
  • Outstanding, high dynamic range ultrasonic testing performance
  • Simple operation by a single operator
  • Advanced software tools for inspection analysis and automated report generation.
  • Semi-automated application tool selection and attachment to the robot

High Throughput Application Tools:

  • Conventional TTU Squirters available in single or dual frequency configurations
  • Wide Area Phased Array TTU Squirters
  • Phased Array Skin Bubbler
  • Phased Array Inside Radius Bubbler
  • Phased Array Outside Radius Bubbler
  • Phased Array Stringer Bubbler