Gould Bass Custom Fluorescent Penetrant Systems

Gould-Bass leads the industry in Modular Penetrant Inspection Systems – The modular character of the Gould-Bass line of manual penetrant systems makes it possible to provide a fully customized system for each installation. The stations are constructed to mutually compatible sizes and couplings and are made of compatible materials. As a result, they can simply be selected and mated together as systems.

If you are considering a liquid penetrant inspection system, JWJ along with a Gould-Bass applications engineer can work with you to determine the proper system to meet your requirements. Upon the approval of your design, Gould-Bass will fabricate the system, prove it out and instruct your personnel in its proper use.


We pride ourselves in providing fast deliveries. However inventory changes rapidly and on occasion some items may not be in stock. If you require an expedited shipment, please contact us via e-mail or call our office to confirm availability of an item. *Nominal lead times vary by product.

Product Information

Stations are Engineered for Compatible Shapes and Sizes

The first step is to determine the proper approach to the penetrant inspection task.  Each application will depend on the kind of part to be tested together with its characteristic defects.  The types and quantities of stations can then be selected.

Station size is determined by piece part, size, weight, shape and other characteristics.  Arrangement of the stations will depend on the space availability and configuration of the production line.  For some applications, optional features or customized construction may be required.

Optional Features:

  • Lowerators for handling heavy pieces or containers of small parts
  • Pumps and fittings
  • Folding stainless steel covers on tanks
  • Split roofs on rinse, dryer and inspection stations
  • Semi-automated or automated system operation
  • Electrostatic spray modules
  • Effluent treatment systems
  • Galvanized rollers with corrosion resistant bearings
  • Pneumatic doors

The Ultimate in Flourescent Penetrant Inspection Systems:

The Gould-Bass Carousel is a fully automated, rotary path, processing system which has many applications in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and industrial fields.

Since the carousel is completely enclosed, it is ideally suitable for liquid penetrant and general chemical processing.

Carousels are available in 5, 8, 12, and 18-foot configurations.  The choice of model is determined by the size of the components.

Carousel systems are designed to process components in specially designed furnished fixtures automatically through a choice of two levels of post-emulsifiable penetrant process.

The cycle time of the Carousel is infinitely variable and will depend on the penetrant process to be used and the penetrant contact time required.

The fixture containing the parts will be positioned on the load station, the program selected and entered, and then automatically conveyed to the Carousel load station via a “0” pressure zone conveyor, two and three directional roller conveyors and a reversing drive conveyor.  The fixture is then automatically raised and transported by the Carousel integral ring conveyor system through the various processing stations. Following processing, the fixture will arrive at the unload station where it will automatically be conveyed out of the Carousel onto the “0” pressure zone exit conveyor and transported up to the inspection booths.

The Carousel incorporates an integral ring conveyor, this conveyor being a pneumatically powered rotating ring with dedicated pneumatic lift/lower devices.  The lift/lower device is capable of both vertical and rotational motion with respect to the horizontal.  Each device has independent motion permitting a variety of components to be processed in a sequential manner. The conveyor system and the lift/lower devices are interlocked so as to prevent damage occurring in the event of a loss of air supply.


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