GE PALM Scanner for UT Weld Inspection

Paired with a GE Krautkramer ultrasonic flaw detector, the PALM Scanner enables UT weld inspections of difficult-to-access, small diameter pipes in confined spaces.

The PALM Scanner family inspects pipes of diameters from 1.5” up to 3.5”.  The tools are adaptable with various wedges and phased array probes to suit any inspection procedures regardless of tube thickness, material or acceptance criteria. The PALM Scanners are delivered with a wide selection of accessories in order to  make inspection and/or equipment handling even simpler.


We pride ourselves in providing fast deliveries. However inventory changes rapidly and on occasion some items may not be in stock. If you require an expedited shipment, please contact us via e-mail or call our office to confirm availability of an item. *Nominal lead times vary by product.

Product Information
With the features and quality you expect from GE

• Compact, rigid and lightweight
• Easy access between gaps as narrow as 12 mm
• Optimum spring-loaded open clamp system
• No axial slip
• Excellent UT signal
• Reliable measurements
• Fast and easy translations between measurements
• Suitable for ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic pipes
• Adapts to various probes and wedges
• Provides optimum circumferential weld measurement for each tube size
• Operated by a single person
• Easy to set up
• Parallel mounting for inspection from both sides
• CE compliant (waterproof and rust-free)