GE Eddy Current Probes and Accessories

Eddy current testing is different from other non-destructive testing method in one important respect: the equipment used, in particular the probes, is specific to the inspection task. Eddy current testing is therefore inherently flexible. In order to get the best results, it is vitally important to choose the optimum equipment for each task.

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Product Information

There are 4 possible choices involved in selecting a probe:

  • Frequency
  • Shielded or unshielded.
  • Probe size and configuration.
  • Type of instrument to be used.

The aims when selecting a probe are:

  • To ensure that an eddy current of sufficient strength passes through the volume of the component under inspection i.e. Frequency.
  • To maximise the signal caused by flaws of interest.
  • To minimise effects caused by other features – e.g. edge effect, geometry etc.

Absolute Pencil Probes

GE Eddy Current Probes

Absolute probes consist of a single sensing coil, which detects the response in the test piece. Absolute probes can detect both sharp and gradual changes in the test piece.

Surface Probes

GE Eddy Current Surface Probes


Encircling Coils

GE Eddy Current Encircling Coils

Encircling Coils are available in Absolute, Differential and Driver Pickup coil configurations. Absolute versions have built in balance loads. The housing is made of Delrin and there are stainless steel wear plates fitted on coils up to 3/4” and aluminium wear plates for all coils over 3/4”. All coils are fitted with a 6 pin Jaeger connector.

Rotary Drive Probes

GE Eddy Current Rotary Drive Probes

GE Eddy Current Rotary Drive Probes

A standard range of rotary probes is available for the high speed inspection of holes. These probes are available in both solid Stainless Steel heads and split Delrin heads in various lengths.

ID Tubing Probes

 GE Eddy Current ID Tubing Probes