GE Conductivity Reference Standards

The Hocking branded range of Operating Reference Blocks are derived, certified and traceable to national standards (NIST, USA and NPL, UK), conductivity
references ideal for laboratory and field use.

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Product Information

Up to five blocks can be clipped into a sample holder plate to bring them quickly into thermal equilibrium with each other and the test piece when the plate is placed upon it. The instrument can then be set for optimum accuracy using the dual setting block (PRN 47A023). All operating reference blocks are rigorously tested to meet high standards of accuracy and reliability. The blocks are calibrated to be accurate to ± 1.2 % of the value or ± 0.4 % IACS, whichever is less.

All blocks are calibrated at 20 °C, and at the industry standard 60 kHz frequency. Blocks are supplied with calibration certificates, and a recalibration service is available.