Field Indicators

Rugged, pocket-size meters used to indicate residual magnetism remaining in part after magnetization.


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Product Information

Magnaflux field indicators are used to measure MPI field strength and direction throughout the testing process.

Specifications Compliance: ASTM E709-08, ASTM E1444, BPVC

Part Numbers:

  • 2480: 10 Gauss Non certifiable Field Indicator. Inexpensive, disposable, non certified field indicator.
  • 105645:  20 Gauss Calibrated Field Indicator. Accurate to + /-1 gauss with scale range of 20-0-20. Certification is provided.
  • 505056: 10 Gauss Calibrated Field Indicator. Accurate to +/- 0.5 gauss with scale range of 10-0-10. Certification is provided.