Eddy Current Surface Array Flex Probe

The Zetec Eddy Current Surface Array Flex Probe enables you to reduce inspection time and improve flaw detection while receiving a full record of inspection. It is specifically designed to solve the inspection challenges that Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Aerospace companies face every day. The probe offers inspection coverage up to 2 inches in a single pass of the weld bead, transition zone, and heat-affected zone. The unique flexible surface design and proprietary X-Probe coil technology allow the probe to conform to the weld surface where it can detect pitting and surface cracks in any orientation.

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Product Information

The Surface Array Flex Probe can handle a range of needs, from detecting extremely small flaws to inspecting non-flat surfaces and covering a wide area in a single pass. For highly accurate probe positional information, consider the Zetec Surface Array Encoder accessory.

The ultimate surface array solution

When the Surface Array Flex Probe is used along with the Zetec MIZ®-200 Eddy Current Array Instrument plus Velocity Acquisition and Analysis Software, it’s a complete solution engineered to work better together. Zetec delivers the highest performance, most dependable and fastest surface inspection solution in the market.


Quick and accurate inspections

  • Reduces inspection time by 95% compared to a handheld pencil probe
  • Offers inspection coverage up to 2 inches in a single passof weld bead, transition zone, and heat affected zone
  • Detects longitudinal, transverse, and off-axis cracks as short as 0.020 inches
  • Detects sub-surface defects as deep as 0.039 inches

Conforms to various surface applications

  • Flexible pad wraps around weld beads up to 0.197 inches tall
  • Detects surface and sub-surface defects in irregular nonferromagnetic surfaces as well as surface defects in smooth
    ferromagnetic surfaces
  • Durable pad toughness tested on over 9,843 feet of stainless steel smooth weld surface without failure
  • Detects corrosion under paint without stripping and repainting
  • Surface preparation is not necessary as compared to penetrant inspection methods
  • No chemical usage or environmental concerns as compared to Magnetic Particle or penetrant inspection methods


Maximum weld bead height 0.197 inches (5 mm)
Minimum detectable crack (L x W x D) 0.020 inches x 0.004 inches x 0.020 inches (0.5 mm x 0.1 mm x 0.5 mm)
Maximum penetration depth 0.039 inches (1 mm) Stainless Steel
Surface Coverage 2.047 inches (52 mm)
Coil Diameter 0.079 inches (2 mm)
Center Frequency 500 kHz
Shipping Dimensions (typical) 20 inches x 15 inches x 5 inches (51 cm x 38 cm x 13 cm)
Shipping Weight <10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
Operational Temperature 40°F to 113°F (4°C to 45°C)
Recommended Storage Temperature 55°F to 75°F (13°C to 24°C)


Surface Array Encoder

Zetec Surface Array Encoder

For highly accurate probe positional information, consider the Zetec Surface Array Encoder accessory.
The encoder, combined with Zetec Velocity Acquisition software and MIZ-200A instrument, enable the ability to accurately locate and size indications while providing a full record of inspection. The encoder is designed for use with the Zetec Surface Array Flex Probe.

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