dynamic 41 digital detectors

The dynamic 41|100 and 200 detectors are the first in GE’s next generation industrial X-ray flat panel detector platform. The 41|100 detector combines superior image quality with improved detection speed at 410 x 410 mm² detection area and 100 μm pixel size. It achieves 100 micron results at 200 micron efficiency and contrast-to-noise-ratio, while the new 41|200 detector increases industrial inspection speed by factor 2-3, allowing high throughput fully automated CT on the production floor.

Based on proprietary X-ray detector technology, Inspection Technologies exclusively offers its first 100 µm, 16M pixel detector designed and optimized exclusively for rough and high-energy industrial X-ray applications to its radiography and CT customers. GE’s proprietary EnduranceTM CSI scintillator offers superior resolution and brightness compared to conventional GadOx or other powder based scintillators.

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Product Information


  • Large area 16” X-ray detector with 100 µm pixelsize (16 MPixels) for superior image and result quality designed and optimized for longterm reliability at industrial high-energy use.
  • High-resolution images for easy detection of subtle indications (up to 50 µm feature detection with minifocus X-ray tubes).
  • Next generation photodiode design for up to 10x improved efficiency and sensitivity compared to state of the art 200 µm pixel detectors allows 2x resolution increase without cycle time impact.


  • Detection of 2x smaller defects without increase of geometric magnification allows imaging of large objects at higher resolution.
  • Reduce inspection times due to increased detector sensitivity, faster frame rates, larger imaging area and adaptive imaging modes.


  • Inspection Technologies’ proprietary dynamic 41 detector family is exclusively available for its system customers.
  • The dynamic 41|100 detector is optionally available for the phoenix v|tome|x c, m and L CT systems and on request also for the Seifert x|cube.

Technical Specifications