DM5E Transducers and Accessories

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DA 501 Transducer

Probe, 5 MHz, range 1.0 - 200 mm in steel - Requires KBA-533 Cable

DA 503 Transducer

Probe, 2 MHz, range 5.0 to 300 mm in steel - Requires KBA-533 Cable

KBA533 Cable

Probe Cable, Straight Connector

DA 512 Transducer

Probe, 7.5 MHz, range 0.6 to 60 mm in steel - Potted Cable

DA 590 Transducer

High Temperature Probe, 5 MHz Measuring Range 1.0 - 125 mm in steel at 20˚ C. Measuring Range 1.3 - 25.4 mm in steel at 200˚ C. - Requires C-120 Cable or C-123 Armor Cable

C-120 Cable

Probe cable, 4 feet without armor jacket

C-123 Cable

Armor jacket probe cable, 4 feet


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