CR-2000 Cool Running UV Lamp

The Gould-Bass Model CR-2000 is a 100 W portable fan cooled black light unit which allows for hand held use during fluorescent inspection at running temperatures less than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This fan cooled design feature benefits the user by providing more comfort and safety. Plus, its cool running temperature extends the bulb life.

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Product Information


  • 100 W Spot bulb provides high intensity black light
  • Cool Running <85 Deg. F for operator comfort and safety
  • Quiet built-in fan dramatically reduces running temperature
  • Fan cooled head provides extended bulb life
  • Retrofits to existing 100W black light units
  • High UV output >5500 uw/cm2 at15 inches
  • Available for installation PT and MT equipment
  • Easy to change bulb and filter
  • “Cord through” handle for greater operator comfort, balance and safety
  • Rugged, ergonomically designed
  • New compact enclosed transformer base
  • Main cable supply with ground fault protection

The CR-2000 design features include the lightweight 100W fan cooled portable lamp head with the “cord-through” handle for greater operator comfort, balance and safety. This unit also features a totally new ergonomically designed transformer base that is totally enclosed with a top mounted handle and post for resting the lamp head.

The CR-2000 and associated CR-1025AR and CR-1025A retrofit black light heads utilize the standard 100W spot bulb that, with our transformer base, produces high UV outputs greater than 5500 uw/cm2 at 15″. All CR Model lamp heads are uniquely designed with a quick disconnect bezel for ease of bulb and filter cleaning and replacement.


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