Steady-Rests and Blocks

Magnaflux rail and headstock mounted roller- style steady-rests provide the flexibility to support a variety of part lengths and assist with the loading of heavy and long parts. Our tailstock steady-rest mounts directly onto the tailstock shelf and is designed to work with either headstock or rail mounted steady-rests.

The Magnaflux contact block is clamped between the contact plates of headstock and tailstock to supply magnetizing current via cables to remote prods and clamps used to test parts that are too heavy or large for processing on MPI bench type units.

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Product Information

Magnaflux steady-rests support long or heavy parts during the MPI inspection process while the Magnaflux contact block permits remote testing of parts too large or heavy to process on wet bench units.


Steadyrests are used to support and stabilize long or heavy parts such as crankshafts during the inspection process.

Part Numbers:

  • 1857: Rail-Mounted Roller Type Steadyrest. Mounts and moves on rails with adjustable height to accommodate various part lengths. Fits all units except A-915 and small MAG Series units. Weight capacity up to 1,500lbs (630kg).
  • 605750: Headstock-Mounted Roller Type Steadyrest. Mounts on headstock to support one end of the part (Use rail-mounted steadyrest #1857 to support other end). Speeds up part loading as coil may be retracted past headstock. Fits all units except A-915 and small MAG Series units.
  • 621658: Tailstock Steadyrest. Designed to mount on the tailstock and to work with either Headstock or Rail Steadyrests.

Contact Block

Permits remote testing of parts that are too heavy or too large for processing on unit. When clamped between head and tail stock, the block supplies magnetizing current to remote prods or clamps through flexible cable (cable not included, see cables and connectors).

Part Number: 1830 – Contact Block


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