CL5 Transducers and Accessories

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ALPHA-2 DFR Transducer

Standard Delay Line Probe, 15 MHz, 25" Diameter

ALPHA 2-A MINI DFR Transducer

Small Diameter Delay Line Probe, 20 MHz, .125" Diameter

ALPHA-2 F Transducer

Fingertip Contact Probe, 10 MHz, .25" Diameter

CA211A Transducer

Standard Contact Probe, 5 MHz, .50" Diameter

ALPHA DFR-P Transducer

Plastics Delay Line Probe, 22MHz .25" Diameter

K-PEN Transducer

Pencil Probe, 20 MHz with .065" and .090" Diameter Delay tips

C-604 Probe Cable w/Right Angle Lemo Connector

Probe Cable w/Right Angle Lemo 00 Connector

C-925 Straight Lemo Probe Cable

Straight Lemo 00 Probe Cable

H-007 DFR Case

Spring Loaded DFR Case with Reversible Front Collar (works with Alpha-2 DFR & Alpha DFR-P)


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