Carestream HPX-DR 3543 PE Non-Glass, Large Format Detector

The HPX-DR 3543 PE Non-Glass detector incorporates a tougher material instead of glass for maximum durability against the rigors of NDT field work. It virtually eliminates costly repairs for broken glass and comes with a 2-Year warranty and a free loaner (US and Canada) so you can reduce downtime and the expense of purchasing redundant detectors.


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Product Information


  • Non-glass design eliminates costly repairs of breaking glass on the job
  • Heavy-duty shielding designed specifically for high exposure NDT applications
  • Protective, weatherproof enclosure – perfect for remote fieldwork
  • Comes with a 2-Year warranty and FREE loaner (US and Canada only) for maximum uptime and cost of back-up detectors

Built for NDT

  • 139 μm pixel pitch for high-resolution imaging
  • Large format (350 x 430mm) and thin profile (14.7mm)
  • Close-to-edge imaging capability
  • Robust wireless connectivity
  • Powerful lithium-ion batteries with battery ‘hot-swap’ to keep the detector running during battery change


  • Reduce exposure time and still capture the sensitivity needed for your critical inspection task.
  • Quick start up, calibration, and image display after acquisition – get images in seconds for immediate analysis.
  • INDUSTREX software can be set to what best fits your workflow – Windows or in full DICONDE mode.
  • Shoot faster, radiate less and keep your source longer. It’s possible for HPX-DR 3543 PE Non-Glass detector to reduce exposure time.
  • Preset the system so images appear with the desired filters already applied and approve in one click. Make customized multi-line or single shot-style reports in seconds.