Cables and Connectors

Magnaflux provides a broad range of flexible, heavy-duty, rubber coated cables in standard lengths of 15′ and 20′, along with lug and either-end connectors for attaching cables to its magnetizing equipment, wet benches, power packs and mobile units.

We pride ourselves in providing fast deliveries. However inventory changes rapidly and on occasion some items may not be in stock. If you require an expedited shipment, please contact us via e-mail or call our office to confirm availability of an item. *Nominal lead times vary by product.

Product Information

Rubber-covered flexible cables are available in standard lengths of 15’ (4.57 m) and 20’ (6.09 m) with a choice of either end or lug connectors. Custom cables and replacement connectors are also available.

Part Numbers:

  • 11306: 15’ (4.57 m)  Lugs at both ends
  • 11307: 15’ (4.57 m)  Lug and either end
  • 11308: 15’ (4.57 m)  Either ends at both ends
  • 11314: 20’ (6.09 m)  Either ends at both ends
  • Custom-length 4/0 Cable and 1000 MCM Cable are available

Specifications Compliance:  ASTM E709-08, ASTM E1444, BPVC
Connectors for attaching 4/0 cables to Magnaflux magnetizing equipment, including Wet Benches, Powerpacks, Mobile Units.

Part Numbers:

  • 1238: 4/0 Either end connector. Allows quick cable disconnect for maximum flexibility
  • 1574: Either end lug adapter, changes lug terminals to either end terminals
  • 2590: 4/0 Lug for permanent attachment to magnetizing equipment