blade|line CT Inspection and Measurement System

GE’s 450 kV X-ray fan beam Computed Tomography (CT) system is designed to allow accurate and fast inspection of aircraft turbine blades by measuring the complex internal geometries components such as high pressure turbine blade castings in the aerospace industry. blade|line is GE Inspection Technologies’ answer to the ambitious US MAI Affordable CT initiative to replace conventional ultrasonic testing inspections of inconel or other nickel-based alloy blades by high-throughput high-precision CT slice evaluation.


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Product Information


  • Fast & efficient – up to 30 parts/hour (while capturing up to 10 CT slices per part)
  • Accurate & repeatable – compliance with MAI Affordable CT Guidelines, demonstrating measurement capability of up to +/- 5% or 0.001 inch
  • Data integrity & security – DICONDE workflow and long-term data management
  • 2 inspection workflows: 2D radiography imaging and CT slice measurement
  • Increased productivity due to high throughput ensuring low inspection time and costs per blade


  • 450 kV fan beam inspection and measurement to support throughputs of up to 30 turbine blades per hour with appr. 75 measurement locations distributed over 10 axial positions
  • Optimized speed, performance and precision robot-based component manipulation
  • Max. sample size up to 190 mm in height and 200 mm Ø; 3D scanning area max. 190 mm x 150 mm Ø
  • Up to 2 kg (4.4 lb)
  • Unique GE Jupiter line detector array with up to 100 fps scan speed
  • Robust design with small footprint for 24/7 operation
  • Integration of GE Rhythm Review software for image viewing, enhancing and archiving based on the standardized DICONDE file format