Aerofab NDT Eddy Current Probes and Accessories

Aerofab NDT has the precision tooling and expertise to craft the finest product line in the aviation industry. From custom kits to reference standards, eddy current to ultrasonic, their meticulous craftsmanship is put to the test by the biggest names in the aviation industry.  Look closer at any of their work and you’ll find it is some of the very best in the business.

We pride ourselves in providing fast deliveries. However inventory changes rapidly and on occasion some items may not be in stock. If you require an expedited shipment, please contact us via e-mail or call our office to confirm availability of an item. *Nominal lead times vary by product.

Product Information

Pencil/Surface Probes

Full range designs with an assortment of sizes and frequency’s.
Standard working length is 5.0”, custom sizes and lengths upon request.

Rotary Hole Probes

Full range rotary designs with an assortment of sizes and frequency’s.
Standard working length 1.5 to 2.0, custom sizes and lengths upon request.
Frequency, Connectors, Working Length, Flexible, Shielded/Unshielded, Split End, Stainless Steel

Rotary Probes

Adjustable Y Probes

Adjustable Flex Probes

Countersink Rotary Probes 100°

Manual Countersink Probes 100°

Manual Bolt Hole Probes

Bolt Hole probes are mostly used in bore or hole inspections. AerofabNDT Bolt Hole probes may be used with a high-speed scanner, which increases capability for finding flaws during inspection. A scanner bolt hole probe is initially used in aerospace structural inspection after removal of a fastener, bushing, or other open hole inspection applications. Standard rotating bolt hole probes are typically designed with ifferential reflection coil configuration. (.125-.281 is the standard probe working length of 1.5; .312 & up the standard working length is 2.0)

Blade Probes

Full range blade designs with an assortment of sizes and frequency’s.
Standard working length is 3.5”, custom sizes and lengths upon request.

Ring, Spot and Sliding Probes

Full range of designs with an assortment of sizes and frequency’s. Custom sizes and lengths upon request. Specify OD, ID, and Height when ordering

Ring Probes

Ring probes are used for finding corrosion or cracks around fasteners on aerospace structures. Ring probes are manufactured with low frequency capabilities which allow for deeper inspection while penetrating a structure. Ring probe coils are also available in reflection absolute configurations.

Sliding Probes

Sliding probes come in fixed and adjustable configurations. Reflection mode allows for inspection of fastener rows for surface and subsurface cracks. Sliding varieties, which are directionally sensitive, feature engraved green lines assisting in scan orientation to the expected direction of potential cracks. Fixed probes are typically used in riveted joints which detect cracks emitting from holes. Penetration is acceptable for fuselage thicknesses up to .15” (4mm). Adjustable varieties are used on thicker structures up to .75” (19mm). Sliding probes operate sufficiently with many different fasteners including magnetic fasteners.

Spot Probes

Spot probes are used for discovering flaws on and below surfaces. Their large coil diameter and low frequency operation are advantageous for scanning larger areas, and provide an increased detectable flaw size; normally equal to the radius of the probe diameter.

Reference Standards

Full range of configurations and materials with an assortment of surface, corner and mid-wall EDM notches. Custom designs upon request.

Composite Reference Standards

At Aerofab NDT we align our product lines with the advancement in aerospace technology by offering a full line of composite reference standards. Custom standard designs are available upon request.

Connectors & Adaptors

Full range of Cable and Adaptor designs and connector configurations. Standard length is 6ft. Custom lengths and connector configurations upon request.

Custom Probe Kits

Eddy Current Surface Probe Kits

Eddy Current Rotary Probe Kits

Eddy Current Blade Probe Kits

EDM Capablilty and Services

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is an integral part of Aerofab NDT’s reference standard manufacturing process where we create defects (notches) required by aircraft manufacturer’s drawings using both wire and sinker EDM machines. Through this process we have developed unique and sophisticated EDM skills and we are often called upon to do custom EDM work that cannot be done elsewhere.