3DSL NDT Software

The 3DSL NDT Software Suite is a suite of software tools designed to enable fast, accurate fitness for service calculations on a variety of infrastructure. The software, designed to work with the 3DSL imaging systems and the 3D Toolbox damage assessment system, enables acquisition of a 3D data, analysis of the data to determine infrastructure damage, and assessment of the impact of the damage using industry standard recommendations such as ASME B31G and API 579.


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Product Information

Product Benefits

Generate fitness-for-service test reports in minutes with the 3DSL NDT software suite. The end-to-end software solution includes: 3D image capture, defect analysis, and fitness-for-service (FFS) calculations and reports. The FFS calculations and reports are compliant with ASME B31G, CAS Z662, ASME B31.4, ASME B3.18 and API 579. The software can also be used with ultrasound data, pit gage data, or data collected from other 3D imaging systems. Next time you need an FFS report, think 3DSL NDT.


Metal loss and corrosion assessment per ASME B31G, Modified ASME B31G (0.85dL), RSTRENG (effective area), CSA Z662, API 579 (requires option 579)

Mechanical damage assessment per ASME B31.8, ASME B31.4. Point-to-point strain calculations based on ASME B31.8 and B31.4 strain calculations (requires option PSC)

Integration with API 581 Risk Based Assessment models and software (requires option 581)

Analysis of damage to complex geometries, for example elbows and T’s, using optional software plug-in (requires option CCS)


Option PSC: Point-to-point strain calculation module

Option CCS: Point cloud analysis software

Option 579: API 579 fitness-for-service module

Option 581: Integration with API 581 risk based assessment software

System Requirements

Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (64 bit)
Processor At least Intel Core i5 with 2.7 Gigahertz
Memory 8GB SDRAM
Graphics Open GL enabled graphics card

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